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Tides Advocacy's Pro-Black Framework

Tides Advocacy is a Pro-Black organization that supports and uplifts Black people. We center the dignity, humanity, and restoration of Black lives which is critical to collective liberation.

Black people have resisted, survived, and thrived through centuries of atrocities and harm. With that knowledge, we stand in solidarity with BIPOC and oppressed communities who have endured the same.

We work to dismantle white supremacist and extractive policies, systems, and institutions to realize our shared vision for thriving communities.

Joy, Equity, Integrity, Sustainability, and Solidarity are not just our Pro-Black values – they are the framework for the future of Tides Advocacy with love, co-governance, and accountability at the forefront.

Our Pro-Black Values

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We commit to practicing celebratory love in community with a hopeful and liberative imagination to ensure that our core value of JOY is upheld by ourselves and our staff.



We commit to dismantling white supremacist practices as individuals and as an organization while mobilizing resources for BIPOC movement leaders to ensure that our core value of EQUITY is upheld by ourselves and our staff

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We commit to operating in an honest, loving manner, communicating openly while admitting our mistakes and making things right to ensure that our core value of INTEGRITY is upheld by ourselves and our staff



We commit to practicing SUSTAINABILITY to ensure that our core values of fostering a healthy and thriving space, adaptability, and shared prosperity are upheld by ourselves and our staff



We commit to practicing SOLIDARITY to ensure that our core value of harnessing our collective wisdom to build and strengthen community and political power is upheld by ourselves and our staff

A Love Letter to Black People

Dear Black People, 

You are beautiful. 

The depth of your strength and determination cannot even be put into words. 

Your perseverance demands transformation and rejects increments of change. 

You have given us a culture that has made immeasurable contributions to this world through the power of your radical love. 

Bell Hooks once said, “The love we make in community stays with us wherever we go". With this knowledge as our guide, we make any place we go a place where we return to love.”

We love you, and for that reason, Tides Advocacy is committing to operating from a place of love to become the nation’s first pro-Black fiscal sponsor. 

The power of your advocacy and activism amplifies your vulnerability. Our love for you demands our commitment to your safety. Disrupting anti-Blackness means providing access to safety and security in the fight against political violence that may come from digital or physical threats and intimidation. We need you at the forefront of our movements. 

Our love for you ensures that your voice shapes and amplifies the tempo and truth of our stories. Your experiences and perspectives bring us closer to more inclusive democracy and co-governance.

Our love for you necessitates genuine care for your well-being. We can only nurture our bonds if our path to healing feels attainable. Rest is for the weary and necessary to build the next generation of our movement’s future leaders. The strength and resilience of our movements depend on it. 

Our love for you requires believing in your liberatory imagination. Your creativity, innovation, and vision of an equitable future inspires and energizes us to build, sustain, and resource the infrastructure necessary for communities to mobilize for political change. 

It is an unseen labor of love that continues through political education, organizing, and advocacy for policies that dismantle systems of harm. 

Our work is far from done, and despite obstacles and challenges, you have survived, transformed, and rejoiced.

Through our love, we affirm the power of us.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. 

In solidarity,

The Tides Advocacy Team

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